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In the hands of Anja Wähling, newspapers come alive as brownies, witches and other Fairy figures. Anja creates mythical characters based on age-old beliefs.

The dolls are made by hand each has its own facial expression. The faces are moulded from papier-mache, a centuries-old material. The clothes are prepared by combining a number of different materials.
The arms and legs of these dolls can be bent, so they are suitable for collectors or other special use. You´ll find Anja´s trade mark in every product: Original mark used by Anja´s ancestors in the 18 th century.

BROWNIES, a collector´s and decorative item.
According to centuries-old beliefs, every place had its own guardian spirit or elf.  In households, this spirit was a trusting brownie, who took care of his surroundings dressed in the everyday outfit of a peasant. Brownies were believed to bring luck to the people who lived in the house and to the cattle and buildings, and they were always well treated. When domestic animals were given special treats for Christmas, a bowl of porridge was laid out for the brownie.
The brownies have a papier-mache face and arms and legs can be bent. They are each different.

WITCHES , a collector´s and decorative item
Before Christianity spread to Finland,evil was believed to be rampant at Easter, witches would fly about  on their broomsticks and do evil things, harming domestic animals in particular. It was thought that cattle could be harmed by cutting some of theis hair off and people did what they could to stop witches from entering their cattlesheds. One way was to light fires at Easter to scare them away.  There were both evil sorcerers/sorceresses and healers. Both could be men or women.This witch has a papier-mache face and its arms and legs can be bent.